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  1. From the local Nuneaton News…

    A GURKHA veteran is delighted after being re-united with his cherished war medals.

    Om Gurung was stunned to have his MBE and around 50 other precious medals handed back to him by a kind stranger.

    The prominent businessman and long-time charity champion was robbed of the medals after thieves targeted his Crossed Khukris Gurkha restaurant last week.

    But extensive appeals from the Nuneaton News led to the heirlooms being recognised and returned.

    Speaking about what happened, Mr Gurung said: “I had a call from a man who said I’ve got your medals and I will drop them off some time tomorrow, then he hung up.

    “I tried to call him back but the call was from an unknown number, then about four or five minutes later he rang again and said I’m an honest person and I will bring back your medals, but he said he didn’t want to reveal his identity.”

    The next day Mr Gurung reported the call to the police but both he and officers thought it might have been a hoax call.

    But to his surprise, a Tamworth family visited the restaurant and re-united him with his precious collection of medals, dating back to the World War I.

    “The man told me that he bought them in Birmingham for £100 from someone trying to sell them,” said the former Regimental Sergeant Major.

    “He recognised them after seeing stories about the theft on Facebook. He said he bought them because his father served with the Gurkhas and he loved the Gurkhas. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to know more but it was a very difficult situation because they didn’t want to reveal their identity.”

    Mr Gurung offered the husband and wife and their young daughter a drink and something to eat at the restaurant.

    He said he trusted what they told him and did not believe any of the family were the culprits of the theft.

    “The man said his wife came from Nuneaton and his daughter was born at George Eliot Hospital,” added Mr Gurung.

    “They were very nicely spoken and polite. The gentleman said he did it through good faith. I couldn’t really ask many questions, but I got the medals back – that was the main thing. I was so happy and excited to have them.”

    Mr Gurung said he had been inundated with texts and emails from friends telling him how disgusted they were at the crime. Even his family in Nepal had heard about the shocking crime through the media coverage from the News.

    He added that he had almost given up on finding his cherished medals, which were returned on Saturday.

    “Until the people turned up I didn’t tell anybody except my daughter, wife and police. They have so much sentimental value to me, they’re about our contribution to the country,” he said.

    Mr Gurung said he has now upgraded his security and will be very careful with the cherished medals in the future – but knows they would not have been returned if people across the borough had not given their support.

    He said: “I would like to say thank you to the people in Nuneaton and Bedworth. Without their help and support it wouldn’t have happened.”

    The theives have still not been caught and anyone with information can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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