Second World War Propoganda Posters released into Public Domain on Wikimedia

Thanks to a partnership with Wikimedia UK, the National Archives has been able to digitise and release into the public domain over 350 images from our collection of almost 2,000 original artworks by war artists working for the Ministry of Information during the Second World War. We hope we will eventually be able to release the whole collection.

This project aims to make the best possible use of these images across Wikimedia projects and ultimately to link The National Archives’ catalogue back to definitive information on Commons. We have done some very basic categorisation of these images but we know very little about some of the artists and many of the works are anonymous.

Here’s a selection of some of the artwork ranging from encouragement to lend a hand on the land, to saving bones for scrap and taking care in the blackout.  More of the collection can be found here.

INF3-101 Food Production Lend a hand with the potato harvest (workers in basket)

INF3-104 Food Production Lend a hand on the land Whatever your front line job Artist Showell

INF3-111 Forces Recruitment Skilled hands are needed - join the RAF Artist Grey

INF3-115 Forces Recruitment ATS the job for you

INF3-120 Forces Recruitment ATS and WAAF

INF3-137 War Effort And they will say This was our finest hour Artist Pat Keely

INF3-160 Fighting Fit in the Factory Artist A R Thomson

INF3-164 Britain expects that you too, this day, will do your duty Artist Forster

INF3-176 Fuel Economy Turn that gas down

INF3-195 Fuel Economy The worker who left the lights on - don't be fuel-ish (woman factory worker) Artist H M Bateman

INF3-207 Salvage Salvage saves Shipping (torpedoed ship sinking) Artist E Oliver

INF3-217 Salvage Still more bones needed for salvage (rag and bone man with dog) Artist Gilroy

INF3-225 Make do and mend (Stuffed doll figure patching cloth)

INF3-231 Anti-rumour and careless talk Be like dad - keep mum! (set of twelve human figures talking) Artist Grimes

INF3-280 Health Diphtheria is deadly - protect your child by immunisation Artist J H Dowd

INF3-293 Road safety Look out in the blackout - think before you cross the road Artist Pat Keely