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La Columna Medical Officer a
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Living Military History provide consultancy, authentic historical portrayals and research services for film, TV and video productions.

We have an extensive collection of 20th Century British military uniforms and equipment - particularly relating to the medical services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Home Front) which are available for documentary or drama productions.

Our expertise and contacts throughout the historical reconstruction communities mean that we can help you get it right, from consultancy or fact checking to facilitating the filming of dramatic reconstructions with anything from crew, props, locations or extras.

Whether you are planning a corporate videos or full broadcast standard production, we are here to help.


Graham Bandy is an expert on military medical history and has featured in a number of television productions in dramatic reconstructions and as an on-screen expert.

He is also available for extra or walk- on parts for any era and is fully conversant with both modern day and historical military drill and protocols. He has appeared in the First World War trench scenes in  ITV’s Downtown Abbey and as an extra in feature films such as V for Vendetta, Flyboys, Children of Men and Flood.

Graham Bandy Country House Sunday Ragley Hall 28 april 2013 intv2

Graham is able to offer advice, consultancy and fact-checking pre and post production and is an invaluable expert when it comes to correct procedures, dress and terminology for military dramatic reconstructions.

Country House Sunday (Twofour Productions)

“Perfectly placed for complete historical accuracy!”
Country House Sunday, ITV

Graham Bandy Country House Sunday Ragley Hall 28 april 2013 Graham Bandy Country House Sunday Ragley Hall 28 april 2013 bone nibblers

Country House Sunday, Ragley Hall, ITV

 On Location with Downton Abbey, ITV

Instruments of Death

 Instruments of Death (UKTV/Yesterday)

Graham was also featured in ITV’s Country House Sunday with the Warwickshire Regiment Living History Group at Ragley Hall.

In 2012 he appeared as a medical military history expert for Instruments of Death on UKTV’s Yesterday Channel where he demonstrated and explained medical techniques used in episodes relating to the Great War and also Tudor times.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help with your next project.

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